” I attended one of John Piquet’s coffee classes at Caffe d’Bolla last week, and a cup of coffee I drank there will remain my Platonic ideal of the perfect cup. Everything else is bound to be a shadow on the cave wall.” – Mary Malouf, Salt Lake Magazine, March 11, 2012.

” … a continental destination for any serious coffee consumer.” – Les Roka, The Utah Review, April 18, 2016.

John Piquet's siphon brewing mastery. pc: New York Times
John Piquet’s siphon brewing mastery.
pc: New York Times

” This was thinking about coffee beyond how I thought about coffee. This guy was operating on a wholly different level. ”

– Jay Caragay – Owner @ Spro Coffee, Baltimore, Jay’s Strange Blog, March 28, 2009.


“One of the biggest differences we found between SLC and other well-known caffeine meccas? A gem that only a handful of places in North America can claim: an artisanal siphon bar, Caffe D’Bolla. A cup of this coffee is unlike any you’ve ever drank.

The experience begins as soon as you walk in the door, as classical music washes over you. Once you order one of the few select beans on the siphon menu, owner John Piquet begins the brewing process — truly treating it like the art form that it is. Piquet, who happens to be the shop’s sole barista, gladly shares his knowledge as he goes, explaining the history of the siphon as well as the best way to actually drink the cup. (Yes, there is a technique to it).

He showed us the entire process: ” – Stephanie Smith, Miles Away Travel Blog, April, 18, 2016.