Siphon Coffee

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In house. By hand. Black only.
Recommended time: 1 hour.

The siphon coffee at caffe d’bolla is an immersive coffee experience. Single origin, farm specific, small batch coffees are brewed by the cup, by hand and served in house, and black only. A gradual sequence of subtle temperature changes progresses throughout the cup, which allows the individual to taste the broadest range of different flavors, textures, and complexities offered in the coffee. Patience is rewarded for those who realize that taking the recommended full hour will maximize the enjoyment of the siphon experience.

” I attended one of John Piquet’s coffee classes at Caffe d’Bolla last week, and a cup of coffee I drank there will remain my Platonic ideal of the perfect cup. Everything else is bound to be a shadow on the cave wall.” – Mary Malouf, Salt Lake Magazine, March 11, 2012.

John Piquet’s siphon brewing mastery.
pc: New York Times
” … a continental destination for any serious coffee consumer.” – Les Roka, The Utah Review, April 18, 2016.

” This was thinking about coffee beyond how I thought about coffee. This guy was operating on a wholly different level. ”

– Jay Caragay – Cafe du Spro, Baltimore, Jay’s Strange Blog, March 28, 2009.

Reserve Your Experience

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