Who is caffe d’bolla?

caffe d’bolla is a family owned and family run coffee shop in Salt Lake City. . Started in 2004, John and Yiching brought a by the cup artisan approach so people could taste everything they had been missing in their coffee and espresso. Yiching, John … and sometimes Alex each bring their talents together to share a blend of science, artistry, and passion in every cup they make.

John Piquet Yiching Piquet caffe d'bolla Salt Lake City Coffee

How we started

“John cracked the window on his Toyota, trying to catch what little breeze there was. It had only been a few short months since he and Yiching were married. As he came to a stoplight his phone rang, and their lives were about to forever change.

“I think we should do our own business,” Yiching said in a tone that left little doubt.

John paused as it was less than a week ago that this subject had been approached.
“Let me run some numbers, and I’ll call you back.”

John pulled up the drive around the corner and stepped out of the car, pizza boxes in hand, and knocked on the door. It had been nearly seven years since he had stepped away from the internal politics and cliques of hotels and resorts. Money in hand, he walked back to his car.

He began writing numbers down on a stack of napkins in his car, drawing from what he surmised were somewhat accurate figures for costs, adding and reworking the numbers every way he could think. About two hours later, he came to a conclusion.

“It will work. Let’s do it!” John said.

Having grown up in Taiwan, Yiching was very familiar with different kinds of teas, and John was eager to learn as much as he could about coffee. A specialty shop with great coffee and tea would be the perfect mix.

And so it began.”