Yemen Mokha Mattari

Just roasted and bagged, and also on siphon at caffe d’bolla right now: Yemen Mokha Mattari.

Bani Matar is one of the few coffees from the growing regions surrounding the high-altitudes of Sana’s that was traditionally kept separate. The others are mixed, which in turn, gives mixed results. Coffee in Bani Matar is a bit different, tall old-growth trees that appear like a fruit orchard rather than that of a typical coffee farm. This difficult to source coffee was the result of a trip our buyer made to Bani Matar. At the time of their trip, the coffee was too young to cup, but when it arrived at port, it proved to e a standout.

In the cup it’s subdued chocolate and wood notes with winey red fruit, hints of mango, and other assorted fruit and spice aromatics. A personal favorite.

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