Kenya Nyeri AB Gatomboya

Roasted, and ready for the holidays!

We’ve been roasting many wonderful Single Origin Coffees for the shop and people are getting them for themselves and for their loved ones as gift! This morning John roasted our first batch of Kenya Nyeri AB Gatomboya, and people are loving it already!
Gatomboya is a small washing station aligned with a particular “society” which is what they call cooperatives in Kenya. This is part of the same group as Gaturiri, which we sold about a moth ago. Our buyer purchased this coffee direct so they would not risk missing it at auction. This coffee was shipped vacuum sealed from Kenya to protect it against moisture on the long voyage.
In the cup it’s tangy peach, nectarine, and orange, with red grapefruit as it cools. Clove, cocoa and honey sweetness join to present an amazingly sweet and balanced cup. Outstanding!

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