Papua New Guinea – Tairora Smallholders

We’ve been roasting all morning! One of the coffees that just came out of the roaster is Papua New Guinea – Tairora Smallholders. This is also the first time we feature this coffee at caffe d’bolla!

Tairora Smallholder coffee is a project from the Baroida Plantation, located in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The Colbran Family grows and processes their own coffee from the Baroida Estate, which we sell under that name, as well as buying coffee cherry direct from smallholder farmers in the area. Some of these are communities that the Colbrans have worked with for years, and other walk to the Baroida mill to sell their coffee fruit because they offer a premium price. These farmers can have as few as 100 trees, and produce only handfuls of coffee cherry at a time.

In the cup it’s jammy berry fruited sweetness with pear and apple highlights, and hints of wildflowers. An elegant cup.

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