Ecuador Organic Espindola Small Producers

Lots of coffee roasting at caffe d’bolla right now!

bagging coffee.

Fresh out of the roaster: Ecuador Organic Espindola Small Producers.

This microlot blend is the result of an effort to raise the quality, and price on Ecuador coffee. Our buyer has been working with a local cooperative, ProcafeQ, for the past three years. They now have the opportunity to identify special microllots and buy carefully produced wet-process lots, or to build a blend from lots too small to export (like this lot). The Espindola lots were from producers who had distinctive coffees but were too small to export, some less than a single bag. So we combined the best to form the Espindola region lot.

In the cup it’s a sweet caramelized sugar background with hints of sweet vanilla, floral, and light tangerine. Sweet and sublime.

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