Panama Boquete – Garrido Estate Lot 26-92

Fresh out of the roaster and available Whole Bean at caffe d’bolla right now is Panama Boquete – Garrido Estate Lot 26-92.

This offering is the combination of two specific small lots from Garrido Estate, lot 26 and lot 92. The farm, called mama Cata after the family’s Matriarch, is located in the Alto Quiel area of Boquete, one of the best areas for coffee in Panama.

Coffee is hulled and sorted at their own mill, just outside of Boquete. It’s shipped to their wet mill for processing. Jose Garrido separates each wet processed batch and cups each individually to continuously improve quality control.

In the cup it’s sweet and juicy cooked apple notes with hints of molasses and almond skin. Aromatic wood notes climb through the cup as well. A perfect balance of sweet and bittersweet. An absolutely outstanding Boquete coffee.

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