Improving Clarity

John says…

When it comes to coffee and espresso, clarity is important. We’ve had the same filtration system since we opened, and it’s time to improve it. I’ve been wanting to upgrade our water filtration for a while now. I’ve ordered two Everpure Claris filter systems.

It is an adjustable filtration media that includes a five stage process for eliminating scale, dirt and fine particulates, odors/off flavors. I believe that for the money and simplicity it’s the best system out there.

The Claris uses a Hydrogen (H+) ion exchange rather than a Sodium (Na+)exchange.

“The Claris resin is loaded with hydrogen (H+). The hydrogen ions dissolve the carbonates (CO32- and HCO32-) , and the resin then removes the calcium and magnesium ions (Ca2+ and Mg2+). This process also lowers the pH.”

I will soon find out how it tastes.

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