Soul Finger espresso

Yiching says —

I’ve decided to archive the different espressos that we use at caffe d’bolla from now on. There has been numerous Single Origin espressos, as well as blends that John’s roasted and that we’ve used, but I had not really logged them. I think it’s time for me to do so now.

With that said, the espresso that’s currently in the hopper is Soul Finger, which is also available whole bean at the shop.

This jazzy cacophony of flavors will leave you shouting joyously to the open ears of frantic handless pantomimes.

This three bean blend brings coffees from Sumatra Mandheling, Ethiopia Guji Quto Suke and a wonderful coffee from San Martin de Leon Cortes.

In the cup it’s rhythmic raspberry and stone fruit with a punctuated praline-toffee sweetness.

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