Panama Carmen Estate – 1900 Meters Microlot

John just roasted SO Panama Carmen Estate – 1900 Meters Microlot. Carmen Estate is located on a hillside high above the well-known Finca La Florentina. it has been passed down through several generations and is now owned by Carlos Franceschi Aguilera (Carmen was his grandmother.)

This coffee has been in the top 10 of the Best of Panama competition too may times to count, from #2 to #5 spot every year in fact. This farm stars at 1750 meters and goes up from there. This particular microlot is courtesy of Thompson Owen, who has a special arrangement which allows him to buy coffee from a particular microlot located at 1900 meters.

In the cup it’s lemon, tangerine and a bit of orange zest with a wonderful honey sweetness. As always, it’s a remarkable coffee.

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