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I highly recommend the Brazil Fazenda Esperanca. I have cupped this coffee both as a siphon brewed coffee and using a press, and it is a truly remarkable coffee worthy of it’s first place finish in the 2006 Brazil Cup of Excellence, where it received a score of 94.43.

As a siphon coffee, there is an amazing clarity of citrus and honey sweetness. As the cup cools the citrus notes become more defined into snippets of tangerine, orange blossoms, and a lingering finish will tempt your palate for a second and third cup.

As a press coffee, there is a great depth of flavor. There amazing clarity subsides just a bit and is replaced by an intertwined complexity of flavor and depth. The caramel notes surround and support the citrus flavors with hints of spice. While the finish is not as long and citrus sweet and the siphon brewed, the satisfying flavor is one that will dance on your tastebuds.

This coffee has placed in the top six finalists since its inclusion in the Cup of Excellence competition.


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