and they were robbed

Ryan who works at the board shop next door came to get coffee today and told us a crazy story.

A guy went in to their shop last night, looked at stuff, and asked Adam (one of the owners of the shop) if he had his size certain style shoes. Adam went to the back room to grab the shoes and when he came out the guy apparently had grabbed a specialty longboard and took off. Adam ran out the door and saw the guy just got out of the buildling.

Adam ran after the guy, only to find that the thief was gone. Ryan said the stolen longboard was top of the line and so far no one has bought one yet.

I felt really bad for the board shop. When their stuff is stolen, they lose hundreds of dollars. I guess my under $100 loss over the stolen jewelry was not that bad… but still, f*(& the scum bag thieves!

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