Yiching says–

I just found that somebody stole stuff from my little boutique at the caffe. I picked these great Hello Kitty and other great design steel key chains while we were in Japan.

I put some out and people love them! However I just found out that a 3-piece Hello Kitty and a Star with crystals key chains ($60 value!)were stolen! I’m sad. I try to bring fun and pretty things to people and allow them freedome to browse the boutique, but then these lovely key chains were stolen, along with some other chunky rings a few weeks ago… boooooo!

Booooo the person/people who stole my stuff, and don’t blame the language I’m using toward the person/people in my head, I’m just going to gently put those words down as f&*# ’em. f&*# ’em ’til they rot in h&*#.

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