Power Outage sadness

Yiching says–

While I was steaming a Chai last night there was a weird noise and then the power was out at the caffe. One of the chefs upstaris ran down and screamed, “what happened? what happened?” and ran out.

We later on found out that our little block was out of electricity. The lady from Charlie Chows came by our door and was apparently angry because she had customers who just finished eating and walked out without paying. And then she said something I couldn’t quite understand.

By the time we left the power was still not back. A customer told us some pipes broke and then there were power line problems of some sort. When we arrive this morning our computer was completely messed up, and we had to replace some supplies. I was swearing the whole morning.

But anyway, John’s trying to transfer the data from our old computer to a new one we just got today (if the old one would stay hang on there and stay alive…), and we’re resetting our machines and getting new supplies. We’re closed today but we will be open tomorrow morning.

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