Filter Water Flood

Yiching Says–

We came in this morning and saw some water by the back hall way, and I thought, “Hmm. The boys upstairs must be doing some serious cleaning.” And then there was some further in, and then there was some in front of our back entrance, and there was some more in the store… and I yelled, “What the #@%*&^!”

We soon found out that a new water filter for the ice machine that had been installed a couple of days ago somehow exploded. Water was shooting out from the side of the filter.

John called our landlord and the nice guy rushed in to make sure it was not his restaurant upstairs that’s leaking. He also tried to calm us down and said he’d had that happen to his restaurant before. Thanks Bob.

So we are temporarily closed today for emergency repair and cleaning. John is talking with the guys who installed the filter right now and whoever made the bad filter had to be responsible for the mess. Boooo.

We will OPEN tomorrow morning.

Well at least the water was all clean and we super cleaned our floor with it.

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