Living Traditions Festival

The Living Traditions Festival is taking place at the Salt Lake City & County Building this weekend. There’s performances, food, and other fun stuff going on at the festival and tons of people are attending this great event!

We get some more new people coming to the caffe today. Since the City & County Building is half a block away from us, the festival does bring tons of foot traffic by the caffe. We’re glad to get to meet some new faces this weekend due to the festival!

There are, however, some people who’d walk right through the caffe (without even saying “hi” to us!) trying to use the restrooms. As many people might have noticed, we now have locks on our restrooms. Our guest can obtain tokens (and yes, they are tiny little cute tokens) for the restrooms. The locks are now helping us keep the restrooms safe and clean for our guests.

People’s been coming in and telling us there are great “cultural foods” at the festival. We shall each take some time off tomorrow to go check out the exciting festival!

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