Local Artists

Keltin has been doing a mural painting for us on the wall in our “loungy area” at the caffe. He is so talented! People ask about him and his work all the time! We are also “giving” him a wall to put his other art work on. Several local artists have talked to us about displaying their paintings at the caffe, and possibly selling them. Two of them came by today to show us more of their paintings and they are going to frame the ones they want to display at the caffe and bring them over to hang on our walls.

We have noticed how lively the caffe is after Keltin started painting the mural and we brought the plants. That’s why we really want to have local artists’ works around the caffe so the caffe will have its very own strong personality!

Keltin is a few hours away from finishing the mural. It’s going to be so cool! We can’t wait to see it!

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