New Goals!

We have been slowly picking up at the caffe. We see new people every day and almost everyone has been super nice and compliment on our drinks and they keep coming back!

Nate came by the other day and told me that he used to only let one of his friends who works at Starbucks to make coffee for him, but now he’s happy to let me make it for him because my coffee is so good! 🙂 He also told me that the friend (and we know by now that his name is Joe) also thinks we have great coffee! Joe came by a couple of times and wanted soy latte. I didn’t know he was Nate’s friend then, but just thought he was weird because he stared at me while I steamed the soy… and he would comment, “Wow, that looks great!” Thanks Nate, and thanks Joe.

I think it’s little things people say to me that keep me going. Many times it’s frustrating for us because it’s either slow or dead at the caffe, but I always remember the encouraging words our customers tell us and that makes me want to work harder and make them proud!

We have a new goal, a new number, that we want to reach by the end of the month. It’s not a super gigantic number, but it’s our short-term goal. John has some “strategies” that he’s using to help us reach the goal, and we are all going to work hard for our customers, our caffe, and ourselves! We will make it!

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