Labor Day

It’s Labor Day today. A lot of businesses are closed for the holiday. We thought of taking the day off and spend time with our dogs and cats at home, but we realized that we are a new business and we need to let people know that we are open for the holidays and that they can count on having us as a fun and great place to go to on the holidays.

So we are open today. We thought there might not be many people who would come today, since even the TRAX system is closed for the day. We were surprised to have a lot of new customers today! Some people came by to study, others came to have small meetings, and still others came by just to enjoy some espresso drinks or teas.

We’ve been steady to busy throughout the day. The afternoon was suprisingly great. A couple of customers who came from San Francisco loved the caffe latte and Americano I made them and they kept praising me and that made me feel so flattered. That reminded me when a lady came yesterday and praised me because not only because the caffe latte was “the best” but also because I fresh ground the espresso beans to order. Isn’t fresh griding for each order a must in coffee shops? Well I was still very happy they loved their drinks.

Many people also called to see if we were open today. They all sounded excited when we told them we were! Staying open on holidays can be rewarding! Since it’s pretty much just John and I who run the caffe now, we feel tired once in a while (from being at the caffe 16 hours on weekdays and 12-13 hours on weekends!) but we are definitely having a great time in our lives.

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