SLUG magazine things

We got some new copies of SLUG (Salt Lake Under Ground) magazine today and we were mentioned in it. Camilla Taylor from SLUG interviewed Less People More Robots at the caffe a couple of weeks ago. The caffe’s name was spelled wrong we were “CafE De Bolla” in the magazine. But it’s all good. We are happy the name is in there.

The bass player Rusty from Less People More Robots has been in a few times. I specifically remember him because he usually wants 3 or 4 shots in his 16 oz. iced latte, and I usually ask him if he’s sure. Rusty came in tonight and asked if I knew the caffe is mentioned in SLUG. I said, “Yeah, but they spelled our name wrong, and that’s fine because it was nice of them to mention us.” He was surprised to hear that and went to check our banner and remember exactly how “caffe d’bolla” was supposed to be spelled. Thanks Rusty!

We had a steady day today. We were actually wondering if we would get any business because many people go out of town for the long Labor Day weekend. We were glad to see that people still come in and have tasty drinks!

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