Better Day Time

We had a pretty good day time traffic today. We’ve been having better evenings for the past few weeks and we’ve been hoping that we can generate more day time traffic and it happened today! We’ve also notice the increasing numbers of bubble tea orders in the days.

One of our only two employees didn’t show up to work today. We were a little surprised but sort of sensed it coming. She called and left a message Friday and said she couldn’t come in because she was too tired. She got another job at a local bakery and was feeling overwhelmed and tired. John has been strict about espresso making and milk steaming techniques and so do I. We don’t allow flawed drinks to go to the customers. She might have misunderstood us when we corrected her drink making techniques. We understand her situation with the bakery but was not happy with the fact that she decided to not show up and did not call to inform us. We have to let her go and hope she can focus on her other work well.

A lot of Taiwanese students came this evening. They gathered and talked, and played Chinese checker. It was fun to watch people enjoy our drinks and have fun!

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