Premier Passes for “Vanity Fair”

Burke from CityWeekly dropped by yesterday to give us movie premier passes for the Reese Witherspoon new movie, “Vanity Fair“. “People will come and line up for these passes,” he said. Indeed people started coming around 9 a.m. Most of the first people were older ladies and gentlemen. We felt bad they had to wait until 10 to pick up the passes, but when they sat around the store for an hour and talked loud without even looking at us it scared me a little. We didn’t want to be rude and chase them out the store (even though Burke said sometimes you just have to tell the non-customer people to line up outside), but they were all gathered at the “loungy area” at the store and didn’t seem to notice us. 🙁

One guy came in and had an Americano. He then saw that we had bubble tea and asked if our bubble tea is “Taiwanese style” bubble tea. Of course it is! He said he taught English in Tainan, Taiwan for a couple of months and he loved it there. He was fun to talk to!

The passes were gone pretty quickly. Many people asked for more than one pass, but according to the paper and Burke, each person can only have one pass. I was surprised when people seemed to be mad when we told them that they could only get one pass (and each pass admits 2.) Those are free passes, but people do get personal about them. We will know more about how to handle these sort of situations next time we have passes again!

It’s been a pretty steady day, and we got to meet some new and fun people. It’s been great!

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