Our Official Grand Opening Day!

It is our official grand opening! We got up early this morning to prepare for the event that was scheduled for 1 p.m. this afternoon. I made two giant cookie bones for the dogs that were coming to the caffe today. Both John and No More Homelss Pets in Utah sent out our press release to the media and we were both hoping some media people will show up and help us get more people to come to the caffe so we can raise more money for the animals.

The Deseret News photographer came with his little girls. He got an Americano for himself and a hot chocolate for his daughters. I steamed the milk with the chocolate so everything blended very well, and I shaked some ground chocolate on top of the drink as well. The girls’ eyes brightened up when they saw the ceremic cup and of course, the giant red saucer. They were all smiling.

Fox 13 came and filmed John. They asked why he wanted to donate all proceeds to the animals. John said the two organizations that cannot help themselves are the children and the pets, and we want to help them and do things for them both. Pets are the first ones we can help. The camera guy then came into the store where I was helping several customers. I was making bubble teas. He was really interested and I think he filmed the sealer machine, yeah that cool sealer machine, while I explained what bubble teas were.

People have been very generous. They came and they wanted to help the homeless pets as well. In Utah alone, about 90 healthy and adoptable cats and dogs are euthanized everyday because the shelters cannot afford keeping them all. People need to be responsible and neuter/spay their pets so there won’t be as many innocent little lives being killed daily. No More Homeless Pets in Utah’s goal is to end pet euthanization within a 5- year program period. We really appreciate what No More Homeless Pets is doing and we want to continue working with them.

A few people called later today and asked John about the caffe and the charity event because they saw him on the news! We’re so glad people are caring about the community and the homeless pets!

We had a good day at work. People were kind and the pets were special. Hopefully tomorrow we can do as well or better for the animals.

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