Two Days Before Our Grand Opening!

It’s two days before our grand opening! We’re all really excited here at the caffe! No More Homeless Pets in Utah sent us a draft of the press release they are sending out to the media. It looks great! We’re all thinking of ways to bring more people to the caffe so we can raise more money for the animals. We are going to donate all proceeds during this weekend to them.

We’ve been thinking about adding a couple of food items. Many people suggested bagels. We like bagels so we think it’s a pretty good idea to have bagels on the menu. Oh, and someone brought us the best baklava. It is the most amazing baklava ever! The company make them fresh to order, unlike the others who make a bunch and then freeze them for later. We can really taste the difference!

People start to notice the ad John put out in City Weekly. They bring in the coupons and want tasty bubble teas! Yay! We’re glad that people like the Chewy Pearls. I’ve been busy cooking them constantly. It’s good to cook those chewy stuff in smaller amount and frequently, I believe. The Chewy Pearls’ texture and flavor are so much better when they are fresh.

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